The cooperative

Terre Etruria, Farming Cooperative between producers, extends along the Etruscan Coast, starting from Pisa until to Grosseto. It pays particular attention to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, where tradition meets innovation to offer a genuine, authentic and certified Toscano PGI oil, appreciates on the typical tuscan dishes.

This oil on each bite tells the story of those who have worked with passion and pride to product it and, at the same time, it lets taste the image of the land where it was born and matured. The olives of Terre Etruria derived only from the land of the cooperative producers and the cold pressing takes place in mills business.

The result is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that ensures Quality and Personality, Passion and Commitment, needed to reach the certification and the guarantee by the Consortium for the Protection of extra virgin olive oil PGI. This authority, in more than 15 years of activity, with more than 11,000 members, was able to protect and promote the Tuscan extra virgin olive oil in Italy and abroad, certifying compliance with the product specification on all stages of processing extra virgin olive oil PGI, from harvesting and milling of olives and packaging of the product, which must necessarily take place within Tuscany.

This oil is also subject, in order to be certified, to chemical and sensory tests (taste by commissions paid by the Ministry of Agriculture) to check its compliance with the specification. That's how you get an excellence that was born and raised in Tuscany, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI guaranteed by consortium.

Antico Borgo

Antico Borgo is a brand of Terre dell'Etruria, a product range that revolves around Tuscany, the places and the men it stands for.

We make our Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil from olives picked and ground in Tuscany, through a careful selection of the best oils brought by the coop members, based on the results of the best oils brought by the coop members, based on the results of the chemical and organoleptic tests the oil undergoes once the olives have been ground.

Additional documental and organoleptic tests are conducted on the product by Consorzio per la tutela dell'Olio Extravergine di oliva Toscano IGP, (protection geographical indication consortium) as a further guarantee of the origin of the oil and its compliance with production specifications.

Located right in the heart of Italy,
Tuscany stands out its diversity
and for its natural and cultural sights.
From the wild coasts of Maremma
to the mild hills of Siena and Chianti
through to the charming islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

Patate bianche al kg

Arachidi tostate con guscio

Porri al kg - Belli Dentro

Fave al kg - Belli Dentro

BIO - Confettura Extra di Fichi

BIO - Confettura extra di Ciliegie

BIO - Pesche sciroppate

BIO - Confettura Extra di Fragole


Occhi di Bue

Cantucci al Cioccolato


BIO - SPAGHETTI, pasta di semola di grano duro

LINGUINE, pasta di semola di grano duro

NICCHIE INTEGRALI, pasta di semola di grano duro integrale

RIGATONI SENATORE CAPPELLI, pasta di semola di grano duro

Ragù di Cinghiale

Giardiniera la Capricciosa

BIO - Ketchup di Pomodoro

BIO - Bruschetta ai funghi porcini

Formaggio Pecorino del Nonno (sotto pepe) Semistagionato - Podere Paterno

Formaggio Caprotta - San Martino

Formaggio Pascoli di Maremma Semistagionato- Podere Paterno

Formaggio San Giorgio Fresco - Manciano

ANTICO BORGO, olio extravergine di oliva toscano IGP 3L

BIO - ANTICO BORGO, Olio Extravergine Toscano IGP 3L

SAPORE D'AUTUNNO, Olio Extravergine di oliva Italiano - 3 L

BIO - SAPORE D'AUTUNNO, Olio Extravergine Italiano 5L

IL PODERONE - Marmato, Vermentino . Doc Maremma

Vino Rosso, Bag in box 3 litri

IL PODERONE - Giogo, Morellino di Scansano DOCG

SANGIOVESE, rosso IGT Toscana

Pancetta a tranci - Boggi

Soppressata a tranci sotto vuoto - Boggi

Prosciutto di suino sotto vuoto - Boggi

Salamella - Boggi


Minestra di ceci

Zuppa Toscana

Zuppa Toscana

BIO - Farina di Semola di Grano Duro Senatore Cappelli - 1 kg

Farina Grano Tenero Tipo 1 - 1 kg

Farina Integrale di Grano Tenero - 1 kg

Farina Grano Tenero Tipo 1 - 1 kg

Carciofi - Zero Residui

MERLOT, rosso IGT Toscana

Zucchine con fiore al Kg

Capocollo in tranci - Boggi